The Seed Of The Sacred Fig

The Seed Of The Sacred Fig

In Tehran, the exemplary family of an investigating judge is tested by the dramatic events following a young woman’s death in police custody.

2h 48min

Winner of the Cannes Film Festival Fipresci AwardThe Seed Of The Sacred Fig was received with record breaking ovation, voted top film in Screen International Critics Grid for Cannes 2024 and displays the true power of cinema to change us and the world we live in!


"Brilliant... hailed as a late-breaking favourite... mesmerisingly gripping... electrically tense" - (The Telegraph)


"Thrilling, Courageous movie" - (Time Out)


"Phenomenally brave" - (The Times)

"The World Needs Films Like 'The Seed of the Sacred Fig'" - (Vanity Fair)

The celebration of Iman’s latest promotion as investigating judge in the Revolutionary Guard Court coincide with widespread public protests after the death of a young woman in the streets of Teheran.

The demonstrations and the heavy-handed government response upset the dynamics within his family. While Iman (Misagh Zare) is struggling with the psychological burden of his new job, his daughters, Rezvan (Mahsa Rostami) and Sana (Setareh Maleki), are shocked and electrified by the events, while his wife Najmeh (Soheila Golestani) is trying to hold the family together. When Iman discovers that his service weapon has gone missing, he suspects his family. Frightened to lose his reputation and his job, he becomes more and more paranoid, starting an investigation in his own home in which all borders are crossed one by one…

Mohammad Rasoulof is an acclaimed Iranian film director and screenwriter, renowned for his thought-provoking and politically charged cinema. Born in 1972 in Shiraz, Iran, Rasoulof's works often critique the socio-political climate of his home country, resulting in frequent confrontations with Iranian authorities. His notable films, such as There Is No Evil and A Man of Integrity, have garnered international recognition at prestigious film festivals. In 2010, he fled Iran after being arrested and sentenced to prison for his politically charged films.

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    • Runtime
      2 hours 48 minutes

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